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Less Painful

Droplet Genteel is designed for less painful lancing. It is the only device that uses a quick micro-vacuum to pull a blood drop to the surface without squeezing or re-lancing.


Increased Comfort


Alternate Test Sites1

Gently draw blood from alternate sites to give your fingertips a break. Consult your healthcare professional before Alternate Site Testing (AST).

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Quick Start Video

The Quick Start Guide shows you how to start using your Droplet Genteel lancing device. Refer to the Instructions for Use for complete instructions.

*CAUTION: The Droplet Genteel lancing device is intended for a single user only. The lancing device must NEVER be shared with any other person (including family members) due to risk of infection! For each puncture, a new, sterile lancet must be used. After the test is completed, the lancet should not be left in the device. Discard used lancet safely as per local regulations. Consult your healthcare professional before Alternate Site Testing (AST). Keep out of reach of children without adult supervision.

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120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

When you use the Droplet Genteel Lancing Device with Droplet 30G Personal Lancets and in accordance with the Instructions for Use, we offer a 120 day satisfaction guarantee. Complete the form below to register your device. If you are unsatisfied with your Droplet Genteel Lancing Device for any reason, please call us at 1-877-660-1900 or email to receive a one-time replacement device or refund within 120 days of purchase.


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120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the Droplet Genteel Lancing Device for 120 Days and we will offer a money-back guarantee when used with Droplet 30G Personal Lancets.

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NOTE: You must use Droplet 30G Personal Lancets with Droplet Genteel Lancing Device for money back guarantee.